Meticulously Handcrafted Jewelry
made by Meg Talley


A pair of rings exchanged in unity, a delicate necklace worn in memoriam, a piece purchased with your first real paycheck --- Jewelry is a physical embodiment of a memory or feeling, symbolic of a moment in time. It's a joy to craft pieces cherished by their keepers!

Creating jewelry is an art form, and each piece is a miniature sculpture. But jewelry is best worn, so I include elements like uniquely designed clasps and hand-constructed hinges to make functional pieces that come alive on the wearer. My style is distinctly contemporary with a trace of art nouveau. All pieces are finely crafted in reclaimed metals under low-impact practices, so the process is healthier to the maker and to the earth.

Artist Statement
I'm intrigued by the intersection of mankind and the natural world. My current work brings together a juxtaposition of delicate forms with an edge. The formations, movements and textures within the pieces are inspired by nature, but they are precisely man made. Working deliberately complex and miniature, I am constantly testing my capabilities as a craftsperson. I hope my work instills a fascination of the making process, akin to our simple fascination with delicate wonders of nature around us.

About Meg
I've been making things with my hands for as long as I can remember. It was during my education at University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA while studying industrial design that I discovered metalsmithing. I continue to be drawn to the meticulous, exacting process of making jewelry.

Each Meg by Hand piece is made by me in my studio, located in the historic Torpedo Factory Art Center, in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia (Washington, D.C. region). Click for more details about my studio - I welcome your visit!