Though it is best to have your jewelry professionally cleaned by a jeweler, there are some simple ways to keep your jewelry fresh. Moisture in the air causes tarnish on silver so storing pieces in a jewelry box or airtight plastic bag helps to prevent discoloration. Occasionally rinsing your piece in warm water with mild dish soap will keep it clean from oils. Gently brush with a soft bristled toothbrush under water. Let the piece air dry and polish with a soft cloth. Chemical jewelry cleaners are generally harsh and can eat away the surface of metal over time and damage certain stones, so using these is not recommended.

Wear will eventually show on jewelry that is worn often. Polished surfaces will gain micro scratches, and matte brushed surfaces will appear shinier over time. Jewelers can usually refinish your piece easily. The surface treatment on blackened (oxidized) sterling silver will lighten over time where it touches the skin, creating a finish unique to the wearer. Contact me with questions about cleaning or refinishing your Meg by Hand jewelry.



Meg by Hand is a one lady shop. All purchases are final and cannot be returned, including custom or sale items. If you are not happy with your purchase, please get in touch as soon as possible. 



I welcome custom orders. Please get in touch about my current timeline, which varies each season. Please note, due to the highly personalized process involved in their creation, custom pieces cannot be returned or exchanged. A deposit will be required to begin the design process.